ERP System Implementation at Trust Chem’s Global Subsidiaries
March 1st, 2022

At the end of March 2022, the Trust Chem Australia subsidiary launched its ERP system, joining other global branches who have already implemented our ERP management process. To date, these include our China headquarters and subsidiaries in Australia, the United States, Hong Kong and Canada.

Trust Chem ERP system global launch time list

July 2014

Trust Chem Co., Ltd.

January 2016

Trust Chem USA LLC

January 2017

Trust Chem Hong Kong

January 2021

Trusth Chem Canada Ltd.

March 2022

Worldwide Colorants & Chemicals Australia Pty Ltd.


The full use of the ERP system facilitates the business team to visualize the overall operation situation, create a digital financial process, and effectively manage the product life cycle and inventory dynamics, and understand the procurement needs in advance, thereby improving the overall work efficiency of the enterprise and providing customers with better quality service.